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X,Y,Z working size-600*900*120mm


Table size-720mm x1140mm


Positioning accuracy:±0.01mm/300mm


Repositioning accuracy:±0.01mm


Table surface:T-slot Extrusions


Frame:Cast iron


X, Z Structure-Ball Screw imported form German


Y Structure-Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw imported from German


Max. power Consumption-0.8Kw


Max. Rapid Travel Rate-10000mm/min


Max. Working Speed-6000mm/min


Spindle Power Motor-1.5Kw water cooling spindle


Spindle Speed-0-24000RPM


Drive Motors-Stepper system


Working Voltage-AC220V/50/60Hz


Command-G code


Operating System-DSP( Ncstudio control system optional)




Flash Memory-128M(U Disk)







X,Y,Z working size -1300x2500x200mm


Table size-1480x3050mm




Repositioning accuracy:±0.03mm


Table structureT-slot & 4 zone vacuum table


X、Y、Z structureX,Y rack pinion; Z ball screw HIWIN Linear guide for all axis


Max. traveling speed-32000mm/min


Max. working speed-25000mm/min


Spindle power-4.5kw water cooling spindle


Spindle speed0-24000r/min


Working mode-stepper motor


Working voltage-AC380V 50/60Hz 3 phase ( 220V for option)


Working commandG code


Operating system DSP controller



Automatic Tool Change


X,Y,Z travel( mm) 1600 x5000 x220


Spindle power-Italy 9kw air cooling spindle


Spindle rotation speed-0-24000RPM


Tool collet-ISO30


Max. Rapid Travel Rate-60000mm/min


Max. Working Speed-25000mm/min


X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy-±0.03/300mm


X,Y,Z Repositioning Accuracy-±0.03mm


Table Surface-Vacuum and  T-slot Combined


Working Voltage

AC380V,3PH,50/60Hz (Option: 220V)


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